The Divergent Series: Allegiant

The young adult book industry has been popular with Hollywood.  Scouring bookshelves for potential franchises, many have been sent to screen.  ‘Twilight’, ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Harry Potter’ among countless others have enthralled with varying success.  ‘The Divergent’ series has been one of the more mediocre entries.  Similar to other films, it hasn’t offered anything new.  Even its latest entry ‘Allegiant’ copies from the ‘Harry Potter’ finale by splitting its final book into two movies.  Duality doesn’t equate to quality with this chapter failing to linger in the memory.


Escaping the clutches of the ruined Chicago’s evil rulers, Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) face a new challenge.  Leaving behind their friends and families, they discover what they think they know is wrong.  Battling forces determined to crush any rebellion, Tris and Four arm themselves against a mighty contingent.  Hoping to free their people, their actions lead to lives hanging in the balance.


Based on Veronica Roth’s ‘Divergent’ book trilogy, ‘Allegiant’ presents the final book’s first half. Directly following on from its predecessor, it explores Tris and Four grappling with the aftermath of supposedly defeating their enemies.  Dealing with squabbling rebel leaders and others determined to carry on the mantle of their enemies, the duo’s plight is reasonably engaging.  The action sequences are well staged with the CGI suitably eye-popping.


Despite some good points, Allegiant’ suffers from unoriginality.  There’s very much a familiar feel with director Robert Schwentke showing little flair.  It’s a by-the-numbers affair with scant imagination gone into producing something new.  Working out what’s happening is confusing with so many characters having zero personality.  Woodley and James do their best to inject some energy into their performances.  Their efforts go some way into making ‘Allegiant’ watchable even if everyone looks bored working against a mountain of CGI.


‘Allegiant’ is ok but nothing memorable.  Following many other similar productions, it is easy being confused as to which franchise this is.  Its terminal lack of identity harms a fairly diverting movie with its looming finale mercifully putting this factory made series out to pasture.


Rating out of 10:  5

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