Logan Lucky

‘Logan Lucky’ is like the ‘Ocean’s 11’ movies without the stylish class. Instead of having suave, smooth talkers, ‘Logan Lucky’ has a gaggle of crooked miscreants eternally up to no good. This may sound like a recipe for disaster but in the hands of director Steven Soderbergh, it works. It also helps that he was the person responsible for the ‘Ocean’s 11’ movies with a welcome return to directing after several years away. He has lost none of story-telling flair with a loopy yarn giving the groovy Ocean’s 11 crew a run for their money.

Jimmy (Channing Tatum), Mellie (Riley Keogh) and Clyde Logan (Adam Driver) are on a mission. Wanting to divest themselves of the family curse of having zero dollars, they plan the ultimate heist. Aiming to conduct a daring robbery during a popular motor race, they cobble a sure-fire path to endless cash. They are helped by several shady customers such as Joe (Daniel Craig) who is only too happy to assist. With special agent Grayson (Hilary Swank) arriving to track them down, the familial unit attempt to move things into high gear before disaster strikes.

Thanks to Soderbergh’s accomplished direction, ‘Logan Lucky’ zips along nicely. Pacing is its main asset as the labyrinthine plot goes like clockwork. Like any good heist movie, ‘Logan Lucky’ is about the characters. On their own they are eccentric strangers, but together they provide a multitude of fun mayhem. Soderbergh’s talent for making the ordinary seem extraordinary is effectively shown. Despite this events are grounded in authenticity as you see why the characters behave the way they do.

Like any good movie ‘Logan Lucky’ rests on the shoulders of great performers. Tatum, Craig, Driver and others give solid renditions of their desperately weird personas. Their strange ways make them unpredictable which in turn makes watching them more engaging. The chemistry between the actors is obvious and the strong screenplay, direction and action make for a beguiling mix.

‘Logan Lucky’ proves you don’t need to look swish and smooth to conjure a cool heist movie. It has smooth coolness anyway with a top-notch script and cast successfully conveying the enjoyment factor through the screen. It’s good seeing Soderbergh back at the helm and hopefully he doesn’t leave it too long until his next enthusiastic big screen caper.

Rating out of 10: 8

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