Creed 2

Forty years after the first ‘Rocky’ movie made Sylvester Stallone a star, the franchise reaches its eight entry. Each instalment has added a new layer to the series, with Stallone growing as old as his audience. The progression of his character has been interesting with ‘Creed 2’ an effective addition. Boxing has never gone out of style nor has Stallone’s star power with his loose-lipped charisma still packing a punch. Taking its cue from ‘Rocky 4’ for its central premise, ‘Creed 2’ further enhances the characters he created in 1976.

Adonis Creed (Michael B Jordan) is a successful lightweight boxer mentored by former boxer Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). Whilst attempting to come out from the shadow of his famous father Apollo Creed, the past comes back to haunt Adonis. O of Rocky’s former opponents Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) appears with his son Viktor (Florian Munteanu) and the stage is set for a titanic boxing showdown. With old scores and legacies to settle, two generations of boxers get ready for the fight to the finish.

‘Creed 2’ delivers on its promise for an intense but entertaining time inside the ring. But it’s outside it that provides the most interest. Led by Jordan’s immense presence, ‘Creed 2’ says a few new things about the boxing world with the physical and emotional torment a daily occurrence. Each character has their agenda with past mistakes and glories driving each to succeed. These elements make ‘Creed 2’ one of the more fascinating entries in the franchise with its multi-layer plot served well by strong performances.

‘Creed 2’ is aided immeasurably by Steven Caple Jnr’s steady direction. He knows how to dazzle in the obligatory fight sequences with each punch shown in loving detail. Boxing’s brutality is clearly seen but the personal dramas also deliver due to the solid script. It would be difficult making a film in a long running series seem fresh but ‘Creed 2’ does with ease. The surprises are genuine and should please die-hard fans who have followed the movies over the years.

It’s always good seeing Stallone on the big screen with ‘Creed 2’ an engrossing entry in the saga. Whether we’ve seen the last of certain characters remains to be seen but ‘Creed 2’ provides a fine end point if needed. Through the ups and downs of his career, Stallone knows how to still put a new slant on old material with his ageing persona enjoying one final bout in the cinematic ring.

Rating out of 10: 8

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