Captain Marvel

Since 2008, the Marvel series of films have been spectacular hits. Raking in dollars as well as garnering a new legion of superhero fans, the movies have become a cornerstone in modern commercial film-making. They have their detractors, like any series, but success isn’t a bad thing in Hollywood which is why they keep on being made. ‘Captain Marvel’ is more of the same with the only enemy facing the production being the limitations of the writer’s mind.

Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), a former U.S. fighter pilot, unwittingly gains great superpowers. Joining the peaceful alien Kree group Starforce and calling herself Captain Marvel, she becomes a valued member. Aided by Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson), an agent for SHIELD, Danvers faces a potentially deadly enemy in Talos (Ben Mendelsohn). A shape-shifting member of the Skrull empire, Talos’ supposed wicked ways seemingly meets its match in Danver’s cosmic powers.

‘Captain Marvel’ lies in the middle of the Marvel movie pantheon. Certainly not one of the worst produced but nor one of the best, it does the job in providing visually appealing escapism. The eye-popping colours and grandiose spectacle are in place with the direction moving the somewhat predictable story at a fast pace. ‘Captain Marvel’ is a generally light-hearted romp with the caustic interplay between Danvers and Fury adding to the enjoyment.

One of the issues ‘Captain Marvel’ has is its casting. Larson fails to project the charisma needed for such a hero, only looking at the camera in serious monotone. Her acting range isn’t the best but her co-stars are much better. Jackson slips into his regular role as Fury with ease with Mendelsohn enjoying playing a different role than usual. The CGI and photography are first rate as expected with the musical score suitably bombastic and loud.

‘Captain Marvel’ may feel like more of the same and in most cast that’s true. It’s clichéd in places with a lead failing to register in the gallery of heroes. For a breezy popcorn yarn this should do the trick until the next ‘Avengers’ film comes along with this captain not being as marvellous as hoped.

Rating out of 10: 6

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