Avengers Endgame

‘Avengers: Endgame’ takes its cue from epic Hollywood films of old. Graced with an ensemble cast, enormous budget and multi-layered story-line, it recalls the esteemed grandeur of those classics. Whilst it’s no ‘Gone with the Wind’, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ has its own aspirations in providing similar all-encompassing entertainment. Anthony and Joe Russo direct this huge effort akin to Cecil B. DeMille’s famous movies with its earnestness hidden amongst the spectacular CGI.

After half the universe was killed by evil cosmic war-lord Thanos (Josh Brolin), earth’s remaining heroes decide to fight back. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jnr), Captain America (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) band together with other mighty heroes, the Avengers wage a battle to the end with death’s deadly threat constantly looming over them.

If you go in expecting ‘Avengers: Endgame’ to be something akin to Shakespeare, then you’re seeing the wrong movie. The performances are occasionally ropey, the plot full of holes if over-thought and the narrative is often predictable. We expect all of these things however as ‘Avengers: Endgame’ offers exciting and expensive spectacle like nothing else. In those terms it’s a complete success as the time-travel story-line flits between the heroes’ lives as the Avengers saga reaches its conclusion.

Wisely the script focuses on a handful of characters for its first two hours. This works in establishing an emotional core and raises the stakes towards what’s to come. The final hour is when all hell breaks loose with the alluring temptation of gargantuan battle scenes finally sated. As a grand finale to the current phase of Marvel superhero films it wraps things up nicely whilst leaving room for future films. The departing cast dive into their roles with glee, seemingly relieved the ghost of early morning gym sessions is at an end.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ is exactly what you’d want a film of this type to be. It’s a generally fun ride over its three hour run-time with little to send anyone to sleep. It will be sad seeing some of the long-term cast depart but heroes, like the comic books from which they derive, will never die as long as devoted fans wish for more.

Rating out of 10: 7

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