‘Extraction’ is the latest streaming-only movie causing a stir. It also raises the ongoing discussion of cinema vs online movie platforms. While that debate seems never-ending, the more important thing is the quality of the film itself. The story and the performers are key in engaging viewers. Extraction’ offers that with ease. With a reasonable budget and pulsating action, it’s a diverting time spent no matter where you see it.

Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a black-market mercenary, is ready for his latest mission. His task is to rescue Ovi Mahajan jr (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), the son of India’s biggest drug lord. Being held for ransom in Bangladesh by an equally dangerous drug baron, Ovi becomes Tyler’s main focus as he battles an armada of bloodthirsty miscreants.

‘Extraction’ is akin to a video game shoot-em-up with non-stop gunplay and action its primary purpose. That doesn’t mean it has the negative connotations of similar movies as it has more depth than most. Former stuntman and first time director Sam Hargrave infuses tons of spectacular stunts within the thin script. Away from the action, Hargrave shows promise in developing characters by making them more dimensional than his lesser talented colleagues.

Hemsworth is what makes ‘Extraction’ consistently solid viewing. Without him the film would have been just another anonymous action yarn. While his Marvel ‘Thor’ films haven’t been renowned for their acting performances, here Hemsworth shows genuine range as a mercenary with his own moral code. Jaiswal also puts in a strong effort as his character forms a strange familial bond to Hemsworth’s protective soldier of fortune.

‘Extraction’s no-frills story may signal dull watching but it delivers as an action vehicle. Whether it puts yet another nail in the coffin of the traditional cinema-going experience is up for debate. If movies such as these motivate more people to gain an interest in other types of films, the art form will endure for decades.

Rating out of 10: 7


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