Knight and Day

No matter how bad a movie can be, if its actors have chemistry it becomes easier to watch. ‘Knight and Day’ is a good example. Starring film titans Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, their chemistry enlivens much of the story’s carry-on. Whilst derivative of others in the genre, ‘Knight and Day’ rests comfortably on its lead’s shoulders as the action starts and mayhem ensues.

June (Cameron Diaz) is flying back home when she bumps into Roy (Tom Cruise). Saying her life is in danger, Roy’s words fall on June’s deaf ears. But when rogue FBI agents start hassling her, Roy saves her in the nick of time. Explaining he’s protecting an energy source the agents desperately want, Roy takes June on a worldwide adventure filled with bullets and furious calamity.

Directed by James Mangold, ‘Knight and Day’ unapologetically runs on autopilot. You know exactly what you’re getting in this very formula driven flick. To its credit, it doesn’t pretend to be otherwise as the characters go from one calamity to another. If you start whinging about logical plot holes then you may as well give up. ‘Knight and Day’ is totally ridiculous but offers a fun ride for undemanding viewers.

Without Cruise and Diaz, ‘Knight and Day’ would have amounted to little. Their comedic timing works well as does their skills in the action sequences. The latter are superbly realised and give the film an edge. The overseas locales are as pretty to look at as the leads who not for a second take things too seriously.

‘Knight and Day’ is glossy, silly nonsense where the brain isn’t taxed too much. It never commits the sin of being boring with the arch dialogue played to the hilt. No doubt there will be more copies of this type of film made but you can’t do any worse than this over the top yarn trading on its lead’s charismatic charms.

Rating out of 10: 6


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