‘Tenet’ continues director Christopher Nolan’s passion for mystery. Up until its continually delayed release, not much was known about the plot although with any Nolan movie, it was sure to offer fascinating viewing. His ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy and films like ‘Inception’ have entertained as well as provided food for thought. ‘Tenet’ is no exception with its visual flair as dazzling as the story’s endless twists and turns.

The Protagonist (John David Washington) is fighting to save the world from Armageddon. Armed with only one word, Tenet, he dives into a world of international espionage including dangerous mobster Andrei (Kenneth Branagh), his wife Kat (Elizabeth Debicki) and his handler Neil (Robert Pattinson). His mission sees him battling against time with the clock ticking towards doomsday.

Like his movies ‘Inception’ and ‘Memento’, ‘Tenet’ is a cinematic puzzle. The clues are there to see where the story is heading but the viewer definitely needs to concentrate. The complex narrative ducks and weaves across multiple time-zones which is an intriguing way in telling a story. Nolan isn’t afraid to play with style and form while offering a commercially minded and exciting work like ‘Tenet’.

‘Tenet’ thrives from its cast and script. Washington, Branagh and others give solid performances with equally complex characters. You’re never too sure of their motivations making for consistently arresting viewing. The stirring music score combines with the visuals to make ‘Tenet’ one of the better Nolan vehicles without any pretentiousness as some have been.

After a long wait due to real world events, ‘Tenet’ fully embraces its big screen ideals. Its mix of action and drama are finely balanced. Nolan’s films are always ‘must see events’ with ‘Tenet’ another strong production marvelling in its’ time-bending escapades.

Rating out of 10: 8


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