Project Power

Film genres often go in cycles. Westerns, science fiction, martial arts have enjoyed rise and falls. The current commercial cinematic darling is the superhero genre. Riding a crest of profitable popularity, it has reached many corners of everyday life. Netflix has joined the fray with ‘Project Power’. Another twist on the heroic staple, it has enough of its own dynamic energy to separate it from the over-crowded pack.

Art (Jamie Foxx) is a former soldier on a quest involving the illegal street drug Power, which gives users superpowers for five minutes. As an unwitting recipient of its effects, Art wants to stop its trade and find his daughter who has been kidnapped by powerful dealers. Joining Art is New Orleans cop Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and aspiring rap artist Robin (Dominique Fishback). The unlikely trio join forces to bring down those using the drug for nefarious means, determined to have justice prevail.

Whilst ‘Project Power’ may elicit familiarity, it easily pushes through the heroic formula. The main characters are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Their heroism isn’t from taking super-pills but rather their personal strength and bravado. That doesn’t make ‘Project Power’ a G rated yarn by any means, with plenty of action and spectacle to make it consistently enjoyable.

The cast effortlessly dive into the spirit of ‘Project Power’. The mix of humour and action works with Fishback showing considerable acting promise in her street-smart role. The direction and look highlights the comic book flavour to which ‘Project Power’ aspires with memorable results.

Netflix produced films often come in for criticism, although ‘Project Power’ is undeserving of any. It’s an exciting and fun ride managing to engage until the end. That’s all one can ask for with this style of movie with the superhero genre showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Rating out of 10: 7


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