Trauma Center

Occasionally viewers prefer no-frills action thrillers. These rely little on plot but more on action and suspense. Many are cheap and quick to make with big-name stars taking the paycheques as well as critical scorn. Bruce Willis is no stranger to appearing in these securing high fees while lowering his dwindling acting credibility. ‘Trauma Center’ is one such movie. A serviceable way to waste a few hours, it has a modicum of tension masking miniscule ambitions.

After witnessing a terrible crime involving corrupt cops Pierce (Tito Ortiz) and Tull (Texas Battle), Madison (Nicky Whelan) is in peril. Injured during the crossfire, she wakes up in hospital. Targeted by the nefarious duo, she is placed under the protection of police lieutenant Steve Wakes (Bruce Willis). Hunted by the two men, Madison and Wakes fight to survive in a locked down hospital where dodging bullets and escape are the only cures.

Matt Eskandari directs this extremely pedestrian movie. ‘Trauma Center’ is pure lazy film-making. With a script without genuine characterisation or style, all that’s left are the action scenes. Even these come up short with Madison continually lurching around the world’s most deserted hospital. Plot contrivances are piled one after another with ridiculous coincidence high on the list.

Whelan is ‘Trauma Center’s best aspect as she tries hard in emulating an action heroine. Willis rarely appears with his scowling features almost masking his boredom in being in this terminally unexciting enterprise. It’s easy seeing how cheap ‘Trauma Center’ is with little effort gone into at least having any fun with the threadbare material.

‘Trauma Center’ is a traumatic experience in every way. Willis is really slumming it in these types of cinematic quickies. Like a greasy hamburger, ‘Trauma Center’ may look enticing but underneath it has zero value with its brief run-time its only saving grace.

Rating out of 10: 2


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