21 Bridges

’21 Bridges’ plays on the classic ‘cat and mouse’ tradition. Heroes chasing villains is as old as time itself but still fascinates. This template can be used for any genre, never more so in crime thrillers. Having a strong cast helps elevate familiar material which ’21 Bridges’ easily does. An arresting caper that keeps you guessing as to how events will end with unpredictability high on the agenda.

NYPD detective Andre (Chadwick Boseman) and narcotics agent Frankie (Sienna Miller) are involved in a citywide manhunt. Uncovering a conspiracy linking their fellow officers to a huge criminal empire, they are hunting two cop killers Michael (Stephan James) and Ray (Taylor Kitsch). With police Captain’s (J K Simmons) support, they lock down all 21 bridges leading out of Manhattan. Pursuing their prey across the city, the hunter becomes the hunted with deadly and unexpected consequences.

’21 Bridges’ is a competently made thriller without being dazzling. There’s a certain formula at play as Andre follows clues to his target. Making this interesting is the subtext of corruption where friends can swiftly be revealed as foes. This mystery makes ’21 Bridges’ more intriguing than its main premise.

Boseman does a fine job as the stoic hero. You totally believe in his character’s convictions without making him look like a pushover. Andre’s occasionally dangerous methods makes him fascinating to watch as are the other characters. Brian Kirk’s direction ensues ’21 Bridges’ doesn’t run out of steam with the action sequences excitingly staged.

’21 Bridges’ provides another reminder of the talent lost with Boseman’s recent passing. His charismatic hero is among several highlights in a generally entertaining thriller. Whilst it isn’t totally memorable, it does the job in making you continually view events until the explosive conclusion.



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