Honest Thief

Liam Neeson found new acting life as an unlikely action star. His ‘Taken’ films benefitted from his commanding persona and sincerity. His performances have elevated several action flicks above more than what they deserve. ‘Honest Thief’ is another in this stable. Although predictable with phoned in performances, it’s still an entertaining yarn due to Neeson’s stoic but still dangerous presence.

Tom Carter (Liam Neeson) has been dubbed the ‘In and Out Bandit’ by the media. A notorious thief, his latest escapade sees him relieving banks of $9 million. Always careful to keep his identity under wraps, his meticulous ways are changed when he falls for psychology graduate Annie (Kate Walsh). Turning himself to the police in order to have a fresh start, he is double crossed by two corrupt FBI agents John (Jai Courtney) and Ramon (Anthony Ramos). Pushed to his limits, Tom hatches a plan to break free of his burdens in explosive fashion.

Mark Williams directs ‘Honest Thief’ with workmanlike proficiency. No scene is wasted in its brisk 90 minute run-time. Whilst this can be a problem for films with complex narratives, it works here. ‘Honest Thief’ keeps its main points in focus with characterisation and genuine emotion falling by the wayside. What’s left are plenty of exciting action sequences and credibility defying plotting.

Rising above any issues is Neeson’s acting which is the same as always. He deviates little from other recent roles with Carter a wronged man wanting vengeance. His co-stars are fine without being remarkable. ‘Honest Thief’ mainly exists as a typical ‘Neeson saves the day’ vehicle, which in this case succeeds admirably.

If you’re after an easy watching action flick with average performances, then ‘Honest Thief’ is for you. It’s neither fish nor fowl with the screenplay embracing middle of the road cinematic mediocrity with eagerness. Liam Neeson fans should once again be pleased to see their ageing star punish bad guys with age no barrier in bringing villains to justice.

Rating out of 10: 6


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