The Hunt

Satires often make good horror films. The belief that something could actually happen whilst making fun of it can be scary and funny. Not much suspension of belief is needed as even though you may not like the story, you can’t help but see it through until the end. ‘The Hunt’ is in this style. Savage in its social commentary and visuals, it’s a dark tale one won’t want to imagine but could happen anywhere.

Waking up after being drugged and kidnapped, Crystal (Betty Gilpin) wonders what’s happening. Discovering a group of strangers equally confused to where they are, their lives are soon in peril. Hunted by a group of well-to-do rich people, including Athena (Hilary Swank), they have to outsmart their opponents or risk becoming morbid trophies on their savage victory wall.

‘The Hunt’ gained notoriety due not to its violence but its themes. Exploring the absolute extremes of left and right wing groups, it’s almost like a time capsule of the recently ended Trump era. The hunters are ones living in a strict black and white world. Their ‘deserving’ human prey may not be like that at all with the hunted confused as to how their actions have earned their predator’s wrath.

Despite having these ideas, ‘The Hunt’ is primarily a horror/action movie. In that case it works with the authenticity of the situation and Crystal’s dogged survival instincts effectively realised. While the pacing can sag and the main motif isn’t presented as well as it could have been, ‘The Hunt’ is one of the more daring and controversial recent movies with its bravery in tackling a thorny subject admirable.

Although it may not appeal to everyone and could have done with better editing, ‘The Hunt’ is defiantly unusual. With the arguments between Left and Right wing parties never-ending, the centre is usually a place where both often find difficult to reach. ‘The Hunt’s satirical bent is frequently shocking as is the notion such extremities are out there lurking in today’s uncertain world.

Rating out of 10: 6


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