His House

In the horror genre, houses never get a good rap. Either they’re possessed by evil entities or are living beings ready to destroy all who dare venture inside. ‘The Amityville Horror’ series among others made a virtue of horrific houses terrorising new tenants. ‘His House’ gives this a more topical and down to earth spin. Although having genuine realism, ‘His House’ still makes a case why it always pays to fully know an abode’s history before purchase.

Refugees who have fled from South Sudan, Bo (Sope Dirisu) and Rial (Wummi Mosaku) seek asylum in England. Set up in a rundown house near London, they face racism, the threat of deportation and hatred. Attempting to establish a new life, their determination is shattered when an evil entity is found lurking in their house. In the dark shadows lies a cruel beast waiting to claim them with only Bo and Rial’s strong spirit their weapon.

Written and directed by Remi Weeks, ‘His House’ is a very slow paced but interesting movie. Exploring issues of grief, guilt and living in alien environments, the themes make it stand out. The house comes to represent their strength of will with its dark gremlins mirroring the torment they feel in having left friends and family behind.

‘His House’ doesn’t forget to be scary with effective shocks discarding the usual lazy jump scares. The silent stillness the characters inhabit feels far scarier with the atmosphere of consistent dread. Dirisu and Mosaku deliver fine performances enabling you to feel the conflict within their roles. Weeks’ use of stark photography elevates the realistic feel the script needs, making the story more visually interesting.

‘His House’ may not make you love creepy old dwellings, but it succeeds in being a thought provoking spooky film. Its low budget look elevates its high ambitions. Weeks is a talent to watch with his latest an arresting story ensuring you’re still watching until its creepy end.

Rating out of 10: 7


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