The Midnight Sky

Since his directorial debut with 2002’s ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’, actor George Clooney has helmed a film every three years. His acting gigs between directing movies seem to influence his creativity as he’s developed a consistently solid library of work. ‘Good Night and Good Luck’, ‘The Monuments Men’ among others have shown his interest in exploring fractured characters in unusual situations. Based on Lily Brooks-Dalton’s science fiction novel, ‘The Midnight Sky’ adds another interesting layer to Clooney’s stellar filmography.

Based in the Arctic, Augustine (George Clooney) is a lonely scientist working amongst the Arctics’ endless white expanse. Alone on earth, he tries to warn interstellar travellers of earth’s environmental collapse. This takes a more urgent tone when a group of astronauts, including Sally (Felicity Jones), Tom (David Oyelowo) and Mitchell (Kyle Chandler), are due to return home. Utilising all his skills to stop them, Augustine’s insular existence quickly reaches levels of major importance.

‘The Midnight Sky’ is an interesting sci-fi drama filled with Clooney’s usual visual flourishes. He knows how to tell a story with striking visuals, adding much to a character’s mindset. ‘The Midnight Sky’ is filled with startling imagery mixed with a generally involving story. As an actor himself, Clooney knows how to draw out good performances with his cast making the thin material stronger than it is.

Where ‘The Midnight Sky’ falls down somewhat is in its characters. Whilst you understand their actions, most appear as being cold and aloof. This has befallen other Clooney-directed projects. He doesn’t seem to yet have the ability to fully master emotionally-driven characters, although he gets better with subsequent films. There’s enough to maintain interest despite an abrupt conclusion.

Even a lesser Clooney directed movie is still interesting. ‘The Midnight Sky’ effectively showcases his skills although there are still areas he needs to improve upon. It will be intriguing to see what he does next with his story choices offering a variety of topics any budding director should go for.

Rating out of 10: 7


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