Since the release of ‘Toy Story’ in 1995, Pixar Animation Studios have gone from strength to strength. As well as sequels to ‘Toy Story’, works like ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Coco’ have further cemented their place in modern film animation. Whilst the visuals are usually brilliantly realised, it’s been the characters that are more important. ‘Soul’, with its music and emotion crafting, is another enchanting Pixar tale.

Joe works as a music school teacher to unenthusiastic students. Middle aged and bored with his humdrum job, what he really wants to do is play jazz. After being hired to be in a jazz band, Joe’s good fortune turns awry when he is accidentally killed. Drifting to the afterlife, he meets a group of souls, among them Soul 22, who need to connect with others in order to create life. Desperate to return to the living Joe teams with Soul 22 in order to reclaim his life and re-connect with what makes him truly human.

‘Soul’ is one of the few Pixar movies not specifically aimed at children. Whilst previous works have had themes many adults would have understood, ‘Soul’ captures life’s fleeting nature and past regrets to which several may relate. Finding a purpose and indulging in your passions can drive us to achieve personal and professional goals. The happiness in enjoying what we love is never something to ignore, which ‘Soul’ effectively conveys.

By no means is ‘Soul’ heavy viewing. Despite tackling serious issues, they way they are presented is in the usual Pixar light-hearted style. As always the film’s look is amazing, really enveloping the viewer into the strange world in which Joe resides. The talented voice cast also inject pure emotion into their characters with the music a listening feast, making it easy to understand Joe’s passionate musical pursuit.

Pixar have once again created another good animated production in ‘Soul’. Their consistent pursuit of excellence mirrors that of ‘Soul’s main character. Their passion in making easily watchable movies is a credit to their creativity which shows no signs of slowing down.

Rating out of 10: 8


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