It’s easy imaging what the pitch was for this movie. ‘This is like Groundhog Day with nudity’ would likely have been said. ‘Naked’ is indeed like the aforementioned flick with lashings of flesh sure to keep viewers awake. ‘Naked’ is also meant to be a comedy where the ongoing nude antics are to conjure huge laughs. What transpires is more vague smiles than mirth. Even the star’s nakedness isn’t enough to cover the dry-zone of laughter as he goes from one calamity to the next.

Rob (Marlon Wayans) is a substitute teacher about to get married to long-time girlfriend Megan (Regina Hall). Much to the disapproval of her wealthy father Reginald (Dennis Haysbert), Rob is determined to make a good life for themselves. After a night on the town with his best man Benny (J. T Jackson), Rob wakes up on his wedding day naked in an elevator. Desperate to reach the ceremony, his plans are thwarted when he discovers he is caught in a never-ending time loop. Constantly waking up naked in the elevator, Rob must figure how to break the curse and find his clothes and bride in order to start his future.

If you’re in the right frame of mind for an empty headed comedy then ‘Naked’ should fit the bill. It’s one of those quickly made films clogging up streaming services that one views if there’s nothing else to watch. In this case it’s on Netflix which suits it perfectly. Also helping is that it has the word ‘Naked’ as its title, and like ‘Sex’, is always an attention grabbing word. One gets the feeling the producers behind this silly nonsense knows it isn’t the greatest and just goes for it in terms of one ridiculous scenario over another.

Marlon Wayans makes for an amiable lead even sans clothes. His great comedic timing makes the most of the weak gags as Rob desperately tries to keep his pants on. His co-stars do their best with the thin material, having the ‘give me my paycheque now’ look at regular intervals. Michael Tiddes keeps things moving nicely, making ‘Naked’ more bearable than it should be. In its favour it maintains focus in being a low-brow, breezy comedy until the end.

‘Naked’ may be lewd but it isn’t as crude as other comedies of its type. It has flashes of wit and isn’t boring. That’s the best one can say about this machine-made movie. Like the ‘Groundhog Day’ formula it copies, ‘Naked’ endlessly recycles its one note gag towards a conclusion where the addition of clothes becomes a merciful relief.

Rating out of 10: 3


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