Monster Hunter

Paul W.S. Anderson is no stranger directing videogame to movie adaptations. Overseeing the first ‘Mortal Kombat’ instalment, ‘Alien vs Predator’ and the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise, Anderson has had a long career in capturing gaming battles on screen. Based on a popular gaming console series, ‘Monster Hunter’ is more of the same. As with the ‘Resident Evil’ films, ‘Monster Hunter’ stars his wife Milla Jovovich. They make a fine duo with their action orientated hijinks almost like their own version of cinematic marital bliss.

Captain Artemis (Milla Jovovich) is a US Army Ranger leading an elite military force. Falling through a magical portal, they land in a world populated by huge monsters. Whilst exploring this strange planet, they meet a hunter (Tony Jaa), a skilled warrior who can fight the giant beasts. Using his abilities to survive in the savage world, Artemis and her motley crew do what they must in battling the gargantuan creatures while looking for a way home.

The best one can say about ‘Monster Hunter’ is it sets out what its meant to be - a completely over the top action romp with dashes of humour and lots of action. If you’re after subtlety and emotional scenes then you’re watching the wrong film. ‘Monster Hunter’ exists to sell more videogame merchandise as well as give Anderson an excuse to spend a fortune on endless CGI and eye-popping stunts.

No one gives much of a performance although Jovovich has a good presence as a badass chick. ‘Monster Hunter’s script is limited to the film-maker’s imagination as each ridiculous scenario plays out with little restraint. The action is spectacular, the score suitably bombastic and the pacing zipping along to the predictably silly finale.

Once again Anderson has created another empty-headed popcorn flick. In this dark era of real news elsewhere, that isn’t a completely bad thing as it provides escapist fun. Viewer’s brain cells won’t get much of a work-out watching it with Anderson’s technical skills continuing to him corner the market in thrilling gaming escapades.

Rating out of 10: 6


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