Cop Out

Usually we see films to be entertained and enlightened.  When the curtain parts to a new venture there’s hope a memorable experience will await.  Sadly Cop Out lives up to its title as an essay on sleepy film-making.  Devoid of the ragged charms of Kevin Smith’s previous directing efforts and filled with some painfully unfunny performances, Cop Out places a black mark on his resume.
NYPD cops Jimmy (Bruce Willis) and Paul (Tracy Morgan) have recently been suspended due to a failed assignment.  Desperate to pay for his daughter’s wedding, Jimmy decides to sell a valuable baseball card.  Whilst at the dealer he becomes involved in a robbery involving Dean (Sean William Scott).  When Dean steals the card and sells it to a local drug baron, Jimmy and Paul attempt to retrieve the card and eradicate the drug kingpin’s power in their own bumbling manner.
Kevin Smith’s films have usually had something unique amongst their often bawdy humour.  Filled with character based comedy steeped in everyday realism, those qualities have made his patchiest movies watchable.  There is none of that in Cop Out, with the formulaic approach focussing on a broad range of comedy styles.  To be fair Smith didn’t write the script and seemingly directs the enterprise with an eye on his paycheck.  In fact everyone involved appears to sleep-walk their way through the intermittent action and endless potty mouthed antics.
Having a great 80’s style soundtrack by Harold Faltermeyer, Cop Out is very much Smith’s version of that era’s buddy cop genre.  It’s a pity it’s such a weak rip-off as even the expected gun-play lacks the necessary punch.  There’s a tired feel throughout, with Morgan’s endless diatribe against life’s injustices no substitute for engaging wit.  The feeble plot becomes a cipher for his routine with Willis going through the motions as his aggrieved partner.  Ultimately Cop Out commits the crime of being boring which, from the hands of an interesting director, becomes doubly unfortunate.
Cop Out is a ‘nothing film’  with nothing of note to make it stand out.  Those wanting undemanding laughs may obtain something, although this lifeless production will likely fail to register once the cinema lights flick back on.
Rating out of 10:  1 

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