Horrible Bosses

It’s safe to say everyone has had their share of awful co-workers.  Such people can make a difference in getting the job done or not at all - which is why it’s easy empathising with the characters in Horrible Bosses.   While some may have their fill of their employers, one shouldn’t take the drastic route Horrible Bosses’ strange characters do even if it proves certain people need to be avoided at any cost.


Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day) and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) are three friends in despair.  Working under some appalling bosses including emotionally abusive Dave (Kevin Spacey) and drug addicted rich boy Bobby (Colin Farrell) they plan to eradicate them from their lives.  They hire ‘murder consultant’ Mr. Jones (Jamie Foxx) who suggests they each murder each other’s employers to avoid suspicion.  The plan is easier said than done as they fumble their way through murder and mayhem in a bid to end their work-place misery.


Taking its cue from The Hangover-style of broad comedy, Horrible Bosses is the better production.  The added element of wit is the main reason it works as the actors, including Jennifer Aniston as a very randy dentist, have a grand time in delivering the sharply urbane dialogue.  Whilst crude humour creeps in, it never detracts from an easy-flowing plot not out-staying its welcome.


Another aspect making it a success is the situation itself is one people can relate.  While the overall story may be outlandish the mannerisms of some of the characters are ones everyone has seen and have tried to put up with.  This mix of realistic and slapstick comedy blends with the finely cast performers bravely pushing the boundaries of their roles.


Horrible Bosses should hit the mark for those wanting a fun time.  Consistently amusing, it won’t win any awards but for raising smiles it should be tops with viewers only knowing too well how bad some workplaces can be.


Rating out of 10:  7

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