Like most genres the ‘sword and sandal’ epics have returned to vogue.  This renaissance could probably be traced back to 2000’s ‘Gladiator’ although it was ‘300’ which really revived it from its long dormancy.  Since then many have attempted to re-capture the allure of the films from which actor Victor Mature gained his fame.  ‘Immortals’ attempts to keep this flame alive as it emulates the fantastical realism on which it thrived.


Long home to mighty gods, the majestic kingdom of Olympus faces trouble.  Attacked by King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) who declares war on the gods after his family dies, the powerful deities ponder their move.  Enlisting the help of Theseus (Henry Cavill) and noble God Zeus (Luke Evans), they endeavour to prevent Hyperion from obtaining the Epirus Bow, a powerful weapon capable of destroying them.  With brave warriors and deadly enemies at every turn the stage is set for the biggest battle Olympus has faced.


Filled with barrel chested heroes, lashings of violence and ludicrous plotting, Immortals is pure Saturday matinee material.  One hardly goes to see this type of production for the acting – even if Cavill and Rourke make for an interesting combination of leads.  ‘Immortals’ exists so we can marvel at the mega-budgeted CGI, ‘Matrix’-style action sequences and how earnest everyone performs while wearing very little.


For all its schlock value ‘Immortals’ is a fun escapade and takes care to interweave many Greek mythologies into the storyline.  This saves it from being a run of the mill mindless adventure yarn although it certainly isn’t what anyone can call high art.  Events move along at a fairly rapid pace with the virtuous heroes always determined to rescue their friends and crush foes with deadly force.


It is safe saying ‘Immortals’ won’t win an Oscar but as a slice of entertaining hokum it succeeds.  It also shows genres never fade away – they simply return when tastes, and box office dollars, swing their way again.


Rating out of 10:  6


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