A Few Best Men

There aren’t many original film ideas these days with each copying the other in the hope of making more dollars.  ‘A Few Best Men’ is no different as it replicates the recent template of the ‘Hangover’ and ‘Bridesmaids’ movies.  Set in the picturesque Australian Blue Mountains it treads a familiar path.  Occasionally it amuses as the mix of American-style slapstick comedy and English farce blends within the local landscape.


British born David (Xavier Samuel) looks forward to marrying his fiancé Mia (Laura Brent).  Deciding to marry at her parent’s home it meets with much questioning from her mother Barbra (Olivia Newton-John) and father Jim (Jonathan Biggins).  Rounding up his three mates as best men, little does David know of the horrors in store as wayward sheep, booze and drugs lead to a litany of marital mayhem.


Crude, lewd and very rude, ‘A Few Best Men’ eagerly plumbs the comedic depths in search of laughs.  Its gross-out type humour is popular in some quarters although this seems a rather lazy way in conjuring mirth.  Adding some wit or satire amongst the naughty brew may have worked wonders although the cast seem to enjoy themselves.  Newton-John and Samuel especially show some genuine comic timing even if most around them ham it up for all its worth.


It’s a shame director Stephan Elliot is at the helm as the unique and uncompromising vision making his other work so interesting is missing.  This is very much a by the numbers effort from him – as if he is using this film to pay for a better future project.  There’s no other explanation as the humour is one we’ve all seen before as he has shown he can be more creative.  The scenery looks suitably lush however even if the story’s facsimile of moments from similar films quickly becomes tiresome.


Australian comedies usually work due to having their own unique style without mirroring their overseas counterparts.  There’s not much of it in ‘A Few Best Men’ although it may raise a chuckle or two.  When Elliott returns to his more adventurous ways will truly be something to smile about.


Rating out of 10:  3


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