Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Recent headlines featuring the ‘Twilight’ franchise’s two leads have made the traumas their characters face look easy.  Such has been the frenzy surrounding these films every move they make is thoroughly analysed.  A shame the movies themselves weren’t given the same questioning gaze as they’ve been among the worst made.  Pumped out along the Hollywood production line at a furious pace, this alleged final chapter should leave fans with tears of sadness with others crying ones of joy.


Turned into a vampire like her love Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), Bella (Kristen Stewart) begins her new life.  Recently giving birth to their daughter, she hopes life becomes calmer.  Sadly this never happens when the Volturi hear she has a child.  Mistakenly believing the human baby is an immortal, the evil coven set out to destroy all she holds dear.  With the help of the Wolf Pack, including Jacob (Taylor Lautner), they make a final stand against their enemies in a bloody fight to the finish.


‘Breaking Dawn’ Part 2 will make tons of cash no matter what anyone says.  Which is frustrating as it’s just as badly acted and poorly directed as the others.  Dragging sequences beyond their life, ‘Breaking Dawn’ easily could have been one movie.  But money rules in Tinsletown even if it’s difficult seeing why this vampiric Mills and Boon has been so wildly popular.  Perhaps it’s the glossy fantasy some people enjoy although the romance and soft rock soundtrack sadly fail to cover the lack of genuine passion of its monotone heroes.


By far its biggest sin is the absolute cop-out of an ending.  Having set up a massive battle between all sides, what transpires is a huge let-down.  This failure to have the courage of its convictions is a symptom of the series overall.  Safe, inoffensive and much ado about nothing, its ending is less than satisfactory.  Unlike the final chapter of the Harry Potter franchise, this entry again proves 21st Century Hollywood is a creative waste-land compared to golden eras of decades gone by.


With news the series may live on after this ‘final’ chapter, one should heed this cinematic threat.  Its producers seem more than happy to milk this cash-cow for all its worth although hopefully its maligned stars can rest in peace even if this franchise doesn’t.


Rating out of 10:  1

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