For any long running movie franchise to survive, it has to constantly adapt.  The James Bond series has done so several times over its remarkable 50 year existence.  ‘Skyfall’ features an abundance of what made it so popular whilst progressing towards the future.  With Daniel Craig again portraying the smartly suited adventurous rough diamond, no doubt Bond’s creator Ian Fleming would be pleased his secret agent continues to endure.


When a computer drive containing the names of every British agent is stolen, James Bond (Daniel Craig) is tasked to retrieve it.  Willing to do anything to help his boss M (Judi Dench) 007 goes on the hunt.  During his search fellow agent Eve (Naomie Harris) and the mysterious Silva (Javier Bardem) appear. Holding the key to the puzzle, Silva tests Bond’s resolve like no other villain before with M’s past affecting the future of Her Majesty’s best agent.


‘Skyfall’ has all the hallmarks of the Daniel Craig era.  Full of tough, gritty action, almost believable villains and drama, his fans should enjoy his third Bond outing.  Whilst some have disagreed with this new direction it has breathed fresh energy into 007’s continuing adventures.  The latest deftly mixes old elements with the new with a mostly engaging screenplay.  Whilst occasionally sequences don’t make much logical sense, it moves at a cracking pace and has a hero more reliant on his wits than gadgetry.


Director Sam Mendes is well served by a production up to the usual series standards.  The top-notch cinematography, amazingly staged action and Thomas Newman’s evocative soundtrack make ‘Skyfall’ stand out.  This is an unpredictable Bond film where anything happens and usually does with the performers eagerly throwing themselves into the fray.  Bardem shows great menace as the sinister baddie with Craig commendably doing his best in allowing some humour to creep into his usually stoic hero.


Celebrating fifty years of ongoing success is an achievement any series should be proud.  ‘Skyfall’ ultimately succeeds due to its adherence to the traditional formula whilst breaking new ground – ensuring Bond’s cinematic heritage has a solid basis from which to last for many years to come.


Rating out of 10:  8


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