SDU: Sex Duties Unit


Any movie with the word ‘sex’ in its title usually conjures a certain image.  Visions of debauched behaviour sometimes occur with most sexually themed films using this three letter word for comedic effect.  ‘SDU: Sex Duties Unit’ does just that as it mirrors the ‘Police Academy/The Hangover’ movies.  Whilst slightly more tasteful, it gleefully delves into silly naughtiness with delight.


The Special Duties Unit is an elite tactical unit in the Hong Kong police force.  Made up of four expert marksmen, their zeal for the next mission knows no limits.  Constantly over-looked in the department as being an inferior ‘B-grade’ team, their leader decides it’s time for some serious bonding.  The others readily agree especially when said group enhancement involves an infamous brothel in Macau.  Soon they find themselves chased by women, criminals and the police in an evening they will never forget.


‘SDU: Sex Duties Unit’ isn’t going to win awards for subtlety - it’s a sex comedy and proud of it.  This is what makes it fun as it steadfastly remains unapologetic with its mirth-making.  Some of it is crude although it manages to add some depth to its story.  Issues of trust and solidifying a tight unit are surprisingly well handled amongst the many wicked escapades.  It’s such a ridiculous production you just go along with it with Gary Mak’s direction maintaining a brisk pace.


Making it enjoyable is a cast conveying great chemistry.  Without their bravery in showing their characters in various predicaments, ‘SDU’ wouldn’t have been half as good.  The mix of odd-ball personalities works and their co-stars are equally up to the challenge of providing laughs.  Such genre films are difficult to craft without making them seem sleazy and ‘SDU’ succeeds in making you care for these sometimes strange people.


Worth checking out, ‘SDU: Sex Duties Unit’ is an amusing time-waster.  Better than most similar American films, its risky endeavours in salaciousness is welcome in this era of strident political correctness.


Rating out of 10:  6


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