2013 Best and Worst

2013 was an interesting year for films.  The merger between independent and commercial movie-making was stronger than ever. Even Hollywood seemed happy to hire directors known for more progressive works.  This led to a higher than normal quality count from Tinsletown. There were the usual duds as any cinematic year produces with some of the more expensive block-busters becoming huge flops.  Overall there were many films to entertain and engage this year with better crafted stories and performances making for a varied mix on silver screens.


So find out which 2013 films struck it lucky and which ones managed a black mark against their names…




10.          The Way, Way Back


9.            Prisoners


8.            Flight


7.            American Hustle


6.            Behind the Candelabra


5.            Warm Bodies


4.            The Place Beyond the Pines


3.            Gravity


2.            August: Osage County


1.            Elysium


What I said then: “It isn’t often a really good science fiction film comes along with ‘Elysium’ being one.  Thoughtful, exciting and captivating, it wouldn’t surprise if this made to any genre fan’s ‘all-time favourite’ lists”.


What I say now:  An engaging and tense mix of social commentary and action, ‘Elysium’ hit all the right notes.  It also proved how an independent sensibility can succeed in the world of commercially –driven movies.  Hopefully future films will follow its example by further providing intelligent escapism and ongoing thrills.


Honourable mentions:  Iron Man 3, The Hunt, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Dead Man Down, Blue Jasmine, Lovelace, Rush, 2Guns, Captain Phillips, Blancaneives, Thor: The Dark World, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Lone Survivor, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.





10.          This is the End


9.            The World’s End


8.            Pain and Gain


7.            R.I.P.D.


6.            A Good Day to Die Hard


5.            The Internship


4.            The Butler


3.            After Earth


2.            The Counselor


1.            Movie 43


What I said then: “Those easily offended by foul language and nudity should avoid ‘Movie 43’ like the plague.  It has a constant stream of them with its aim in shocking audiences with a farrago of outrageous crudity a complete success.”


What I say now: Swiftly labelled one of the worst films of all time, it’s difficult to disagree.  A wretched combination of low-brow and gross-out humour, it’s one of those films where you demand it give you the time wasted on seeing its visions of undue ghastliness. 


Dishonourable mentions:  Safe Haven, Paranoia, Diana, Hitchcock, The Sweeney, Now You See Me, Kick-Ass 2, The Mortal Instruments, Jack the Giant Slayer, Olympus Has Fallen, The Call, Carrie.


That’s it for another movie-going year.  Everyone enjoy a safe and happy Christmas and may 2014 be even luckier than the year about to go. Until next time – thanks for reading!



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