2006 Best/Worst

Here’s the list that has taken all year to compile……the annual Top 10 Best/Worst films. So discover the films that were this years’ good citizens……and the ones who were a menace to society!
10. Flags of our Fathers
9. The Wrong Man
8. Casino Royale
7. Capote
6. Little Miss Sunshine
5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
4. Jarhead
3. V for Vendetta
2. The Departed
1. Brokeback Mountain
What I said then
“This is a very moving powerful tale that is hard to miss - an instant classic.”
What I say now
A memorable film that tells an interesting story filled with genuine characters, successfully drawing the audience into its world - which is what movies are all about.
Honourable mentions
A History of Violence, Kinky Boots, The Weather Man, The Squid & The Whale, Mission Impossible 3, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, The Chumscrubber, The Sentinel, Miami Vice, The Matador, The Devil Wears Prada, Borat, Match Point.
10. My Super Ex-Girlfriend
9. The Lake House
8. Final Destination 3
7. The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift
6. A Good Year
5. The Da Vinci Code
4. Superman Returns
3. Lady in the Water
2. Basic Instinct 2
1. The Pink Panther
What I said then
“Watching remakes like this one is like watching an Elvis Presley impersonator - vaguely amusing at first, but after awhile you want them to get their act over with.”
What I say now
The pain of seeing the once great Steve Martin’s career plummet the depths is only increased by seeing him dance on the grave of the late Peter Sellers in one of the worst remakes of recent times. The fact that it beats the grotesque spectacle that was Basic Instinct 2 as the year’s worst film says it all!
Dishonourable mentions
Firewall, Final Destination 3, Two for the Money, Irresistible, Boytown.
That wraps up another year of cinematic highlights and lowlights…..2007 will be filled with more reviews and hopefully good films.
Enjoy the holidays and like James Bond….I shall return!

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