The Tourist

Like many films, ‘The Tourist’ heavily relies on locations. Setting the story somewhere interesting elevates even the most poorly written script. With scenes mainly shot in Paris and Venice, ‘The Tourist’ promises a visual feast. It does well showing off those two locales at their best. Although not perfect, ‘The Tourist’ backs up the visuals with a solid romantic thriller embracing those genres with ease.

Ellise (Angelina Jolie) is being followed by Scotland Yard Inspector Acheson (Paul Bettany) and dangerous gangster Shaw (Steven Berkoff). Under the command of Chief Inspector (Timothy Dalton), Acheson must follow Ellise so he can capture her lover, a wanted fugitive who has stolen a fortune. Unwittingly embroiled in this is timid Maths teacher Frank (Johnny Depp). All isn’t as it seems with double cross and skulduggery the order of the day.

A remake of a 2005 French movie, ‘The Tourist’ is consistently enjoyable. Its most important ingredient is the lead’s chemistry. Although Depp hasn’t exactly made a career out of being a romantic hero, he does well along with Jolie. Both generate the necessary sparks even if more depth could have been given to their characters. The same could be said of their co-stars who don’t have much to work with in their roles but bring a sense of engaged fun anyway.

The locations make ‘The Tourist’ shine. You get a true sense of scale in the Venice scenes, with its ancient canals creating much atmosphere. It works as a romance with a few thrills thrown in with the sole big action set-piece memorable. The surprises are genuine as the viewer is forced to navigate the twists ‘The Tourist’ relies on. Its glossy, scenic look brings a style all its own ensuring that slow moments are few.

‘The Tourist’ is a very light caper not taxing heavily on the brain cells. It provides fun escapism in a glamorous setting effectively taking your mind off things for a few hours. Films like these shouldn’t be shunned as it saves plenty of dollars for those wanting to be a tourist from their lounge rooms as its characters walk amongst stylish landscapes.

Rating out of 10: 6


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