A Quiet Place part 2

A key to a successful good horror/thriller film is in its delivery of thrills. If none are delivered, there will be hell to pay from an audience paying good money to have their nerves jangled. Delivery of scares is always welcome which is why ‘A Quiet Place’ was embraced by viewers. Now comes the sequel determined to go to the money-making well once more. Burdened with delivering fresh frights while providing more of the same is something ‘A Quiet Place part 2’ does well as its beastly creatures lurk in the shadows.

With her family still trying to flee from the clutches of a race of sound-based alien creatures, Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) is determined to survive. Along with son Marcus (Noah Jupe) and daughter Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Evelyn learns new ways in defeating the creatures. When fellow human survivor Emmett (Cillian Murphy) surfaces, new threats emerge as the aliens close in with lethal precision.

Written and directed by John Krasinski, ‘A Quiet Place part 2’ benefits from his skilled story-telling. Whilst moments feel familiar, Krasinksi adds a few new tweaks to make it interesting. He is more than helped by the talented small ensemble who know how to conjure perfectly pitched performances. They don’t overplay their roles, with their facial features vitally important in a movie having little dialogue. The notion of genuine team work in order to survive is effectively conveyed as are the unique combative abilities of each character.

The question of whether ‘A Quiet Place part 2’ is actually scary is swiftly answered. Most of the time it is, as Krasinski settles more on percolating tension and moody atmosphere than grisly violence. He doesn’t take that easy way out which is welcome. His assembling of a diverse bunch of characters allows the story to be seen from different angles, making it consistently engaging. Kudos also goes to the music score as, with not many words spoken, it strongly carries the weight of the movie’s overall feel.

‘A Quiet Place part 2’ may slightly rest on the laurels of its predecessor but is enough of its own entity to fully stand. It gives what it promises on its poster as the mix of family drama and horror are well blended. No doubt a Part 3 will surface which wouldn’t be a bad thing judging by this entry’s success in agitating viewer’s fears.

Rating out of 10: 7


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